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Porcelain tea sets

This unique range of porcelain tea sets are all hand thrown by Rosemarie with the finest Ming porcelain. Andrew then decorates each pot individually, making every set a unique work of art.

The inspiration for these tea sets comes from the age old tradition of giving a china tea set as a wedding present. This tea set is then handed down through the generations.

cup and saucer - €60
creamer and sugar - €70
teapot - €120

prices quoted are available from Rosemarie Durr Pottery shop, Castlecomer only




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• Goblet and Carafe
• Cup and Saucer
• Cup, Straight Jug & Lidded Sugar
• Soup/Cereal bowl
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• Set of Oval bowls
• Spouted Jug
• Porcelain Tea Sets
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