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Handbuilt Vases
Vases are made in a variety of ways and come in all shapes, sizes and designs.  Some are pinched like the ones pictured, others are extruded and have a smoother texture.  Pinched vases are made in a similar way to the pinched bowls, which have a very organic shape and texture.  All pieces are made from white earthenware clay and decorated with coloured slips and coated in a clear glaze.  Vases come in all sizes from 16 inches to 4 inches in height.

ranging in price from €30 to €250

prices quoted are available from Rosemarie Durr Pottery shop, Castlecomer only




• Scalloped Bowl
• Goblet and Carafe
• Cup and Saucer
• Cup, Straight Jug & Lidded Sugar
• Soup/Cereal bowl
• Plates
• Set of Oval bowls
• Spouted Jug
• Porcelain Tea Sets
• Andrew Ludick Bowls
• Andrew Ludick Vases


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